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I met a stranger today.
14 August 2010 || 17:47




收音机没了。思绪停留在半空中,突然想起还有现代的 Ipod。就这样,心爱的包包被我掏出了肠子胆心脏,却不见Ipod的踪影。噢,又那么地突然想起前两个月,我糊涂地把它给砸坏了,现在应该在跟孟婆要孟婆汤吧!


没法拉,that's why 现在我泡在部落格里。


再ps,对了,忘了告诉你,The Last Airbender 还真的霹雳地不错看!厚!我怎么打了这么多的“忘”字啊!还真是忘了!


Food Stories: Restaurant Da Shu Tou
05 August 2010 || 21:45

Yeap, normal dishes never satisfy my tummy. I love bizzare food! Am I freaky?! HAHA Besides mutton fish beef chicken, I always admire to try some game, but it's illegally right?! Hmph, sorry I can't share with you all at here. Latterly, there has some or I can say is MANY restaurants serving game if you tell the chef in the toilet. LOL, just kidding.

Last time, the china-man invited me to their house tried some SPECIAL dishes. Woooow, thumbs up! Unluckily too much enjoyed in the food and forgot to take photos. Quite miss-nya. But now has a good news too, there has a restaurant serving F.R.O.G in Klang!! Frog is popular and a normal dish for our this kind of gourmand. I'm dead excited because the place just near my living area, I can eat it everyday!!!!!


Browsing the menu, I just realized there has some branches in Johor or Pahang and the third branch in Klang! The choices is limited. As I know, each frog costs you RM10.




First time passed by the shop when it was still a newbie and that time still unknown in Klang. Now, everytime I pass by the shop, sure will be packed with lots of customer. Important thing is the seat is limited!! After waiting about 10 minutes, food were served.

Vege (medium, RM8) and Ikan Kampung (small, RM8). The vege was quite fresh and tasty. Ikan Kampung, we could say thumbs up ! Even though it was just a normal dish, but it was cooked in good timing, abit crunchy abit soft.



Congee(big, RM4), Ginger & Spring Onion Frog and Kong Bou Frog. Em, please don't laugh if you find my vocab has error. I thought they cooked the frog with congee but came out like this. Maybe my friend changed the order. No disappointed but couldn't shout also for the congee and my sister liked it. I prefered Kong Bou more than Ginger & Spring Onion. My opinion is don't cook with lots of sauce but in dry, I think you will taste the sweet of frog meat more.




Wookay, it's just a short update and it was my dinner just now! I'm not so fully suggest you come here, but if you really want to have a try, I think it's quite okay.

Restaurant Da Su Tou (Klang)
Monday off.
Tue-Fri: 12-3pm and 6-12am
Sat-Sun: 12-12am
23, Jalan Bayu Tinggi 2B/KS 6,
Batu Unjur, 41200 Klang.

Restaurant Da Su Tou(Johor)
1. Jalan Mersing, Tmn Kurnia, Kluang
2. Jalan Pendekar 2, Tmn Skudai Baru, Skudai

Reataurant Da Su Tou(Pahang)
Jalan Jati 1, Gohtong Jaya, Bentong.

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