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Pitaya in the house!!!
29 May 2010 || 21:41

Pink pink, blink blink.
You make me want to swing!

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Food Stories: Pulau Ketam Style Nasi Lemak
28 May 2010 || 21:37

A lovely Friday morning, an ordinary breakfast. Happy Wesak Day to everyone!!!!!

I eat this in the morning recently. Nasi lemak but not so lemak. I heard it's a Pulau Ketam person cook one. The chilli you find in here it's abit different. Taste amazing. It's abit similiar to JOJO PAN MEE, actually not also. Don't know how to describe. Just know it's AWESOMEEEEE!!!! ♥♥♥

Nasi Lemak(RM1.50). Don't judge if you find out it's small portion. The taste will make you feel worth it. I think. Always run out before 12pm.

It's available in a hawker stall which selling drink one(outside the temple).
You are on the Jalan Mesra(Pandamaran), turn into Jalan Kopi and you will see a temple. It's there!!!!

Also, the XIU CAO there also not bad!!! Will a day to snap the CHAR KUEY TEUW!!! :)

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Food Stories: Kali Little Garden, Pandamaran
27 May 2010 || 23:01

Honestly, people will look at you quizzical when you say, "Let's go to Pandamaran!"

"C'mon! It might be a awful place! Never heard before."

"Hey, where's it. Is it have be marked in Malaysia map?"

PANDAMARAN, a remote village (as we say"Kampung") is located at 10 minutes to either Bukit Tinggi or Bayu Perdana, 30 minutes to Port Klang and also the centre of the crowd Klang!

Okay, PANDAMARAN, an ordinary place, you and me are out in the open. Most of them nearly know each others, or you can say they're "relatives" more than neighbour. Ignore the SAMSENG here, PANDAMARAN is a treasure trove of seafood and Bah Kut Teh. Traversing the road, you'll find out oodless of restaurant or hawker stalls, all you can say Pandamaran has unrestricted choices of delicous yummy food!!!

Uh-huh, this time Kali Little Garden takes the title! :)

After finished been slaving of the day, it's time to pamper ourselves! I heard the locals by the way also some come from other places say THUMBS UP! to this place. Agreeable. I've been visit here a few times, but pictures are forget to take. This time will never gonna be missed out!!! ;P

Tiger always to be companion as usual.

Woooow wooow woooooooow!!!!!

A surreptitious glance and made us gonna shout in the second when this hawtie-juicyfresh babes came out from the kitchen. Luckily I damped down my spirit immediately. C'mon! It's so unusual in size. Damn HUGE man!!!! No wonder why super crowded tonight. The owner said they had some VVIP size crabs today. Other days only have VIP, but it's already make our tummy satisfied.

If compare to Heng Kit, Kampung Jawa, it can completely beat down and give them shellacking!!! You know, I had a worst experience at there(Heng Kit), the crabs are not fresh somemore!!!!! Really suspect why people recommended it. Maybe I'm a Klangian, more sensitive.

One thing was it's not in our order. Sad case. I still forced the owner to let me took a picture of it.

"Stop slavering over the hawtie (crabs)!!!!" My mother nagged me after a few minutes. I know it's impolite but it really obsesses me!!!! :((((((

Small Lala MeeHun (RM8)♥♥♥. They have big lala, but we ordered the small in size one. It's a MUST in everytime when we been here. I just couldn't help myself out of this dish. Simply go awesome!!!!!!!

My glutton relative gave us a surprise!!! Steamed Grouper Head ( RM60). The price is follow the size afterthat in KG. The meat is thick and chewy. I almost ate half of them. Hehehehe, over bloating after the fish. There had no remnant of the fish, even the bone.

(Salted prawn, RM36) ♥♥. Remember it's not SHRIMP, IT'S P.R.A.W.N!!!!! I don't know how much KG of it. But, it's quite huge. I spotted there's a VVIP one, but my relative grabbed it before I took the picture. So, sorry of you all.

I didn't savour. It's not a prank!! You might think it's juicy and why I #$)*(&%#($&!!!!! Okay, I'm allergic of it. Lastly, still had a bite because of its alluring meat. Meantime, my lips began swelling after the bite. Gosh. Regreted but worth it.

(Fucking irritating why I have this kind of allergy!!! Not fair!!!!! )

Everyone started to pitch in when prawn was served. Only me, stoned aside. How pity am I.

Here's some extra pichaaaaaassssss!!! :))))))

Prawn show!!!! Who want to challenge my little sister? She was non-stop playing the prawn!!!! OMG.

Haiz, my condolence to the prawns.

Kali Little Garden
89, Jalan 2, Pandamaran Jaya,
42000 Port Klang.
Monday off. Working time: 6pm to 1am.
012-2714444 Kali Ng

I'm rating 5/5!!!!!!! Highly recommended, babe!!!! :)
If really can't find it, you can leave your message here before you come.
Because it's hard to catch this place if you're not the locals.

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♥ Sweet sweet potatoes
26 May 2010 || 16:28

See, what is this!! Mama brought them home yesterday!!! Dammit, made me sugar-high when I spotted them. I ♥ SWEET POTATO!!! ;P

It's rich in Vitamin C & Vitamin B6.

Nevertheless, they gonna be victims soon...On the next morning!!! Woo, I can't wait anymore.

The flavour of soup is came out from some Pandan leaves and ginger.
The potatoes sank.

TANG TANG!!!! Finally babe. You're be mine.

Mama, next time buy oodless of sweet potatoes back, okay! It's not enough for your glutton daughter!!! :D
Mama, you know I know. *Giggle


Webcam is a beautiful lie.
23 May 2010 || 13:16

Although out of the line of vogue
Sunday morning is abit unusual
This time,
the air staggers
The couple sit in front of her are enjoying in love murmur
Take out computer
webcam kills her bored
also her jealous.
Please stop it, if your eyes itchy.

The whore is going crazy, again. Speechless.


パックマン Pakkuman ♥♥
22 May 2010 || 14:38

Happy 30th Anniversary to Pacman ♥♥♥
Nothing remains except the memories still keep processing.
The wind closes to me, whisper, "You little scamp!"


A Lovely Tuesday
20 May 2010 || 20:47

Last time Emei asked me out for a popcorn night. Unluckily due to some funny-thing happened, I watched IP MAN alone. The movie, I mean Donnie Yan won my plaudits for the way he presented in this movie. I love him much as a child likes their dolls.

"Emei!!! The IP MAN is awesome!!!"
"You should go to watch! But, I can't be your companion."

If she sees/hears this again, definitely will give me such a whack! Ouch!

We prolonged our outing by one or two weeks. Maybe I'm too busy to be free or is hard to date her out. Don't judge, we just too over busy. Who knows we peep someone come to fill up our day on the same time also! I penetrated her reason.

On Tuesday, off to Pyramid. After buying the tickets, we quickly found a place to lunch. Wongkok! How come here has another Wongkok supporter!! OMG, I thought "What a relief!" when can dispense with Wongkok after Eric's disappearance. Hey hey, I'm just kidding. Don't take it serious. Okay! Cool cool down man. But, I'm wrong and I can't get rid of it! Hahahahahaha, LOL

Pichatime! Everytime I take my camera, and then hesitated, as I'm enjoying the embarassment registering on their face. No doubt, Emei shocked. Whined that I didn't tell her in advance that then she can full prepare and dress a little more glamorous than now her outfit. She didn't forbid my action and the same time not so allowed me also. Sad case.

Spotted the guy behind her. I have no idea why he often turned his head and looked at me. I'm not monkey, okay!!!

Finished our lunch. Movie time! We met Mr.Freddy at matinee. Sorry Sunshine Tay, I already watched it. Last time, I saw the " The Nightmare on Elm Street" trailer quite terrified me. In fact, it was opposite. It's just abit more diabolic.

Luckily I didn't feel asleep inside there. Me & Emei or the same row of the people felt a big vibration much like 3D during the time. 'Cause the bunch of girls made this bullshit. C'mon! Go back to watch your wonderland!!! I don't really want to take the mickey out of them. But, they made the man sat next to me misunderstanding me! He thought I'm as timid as a rabbit! Argh!!! Maladjusted.

Shopping is one of girls favourite leisure time! We didn't enjoy much. You know Sunway Pyramid has no much choices. We were wandering aimlessly up and down the shopping centre. In the end, wasted some time in Popular because Emei want to buy magazines.

The end :)

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