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Jingle Bell is comin!
24 December 2010 || 09:06

When I am preoccupied, 2010 already comes to the end. Instantaneous. Means what! We are gonna chuck old and welcome the new.
Christmas and New Year wishes messages are going to bomb my inbox. Yesterday was solstice and today is Christmas Eve. Christ! I haven’t prepared even a single gift!!!

Peer out of the window, a sullen sky, memory flies back to last weekend.

Brought my little evil sister to Bukit Bintang for windows shopping. Pavilion as usual. Frankly, I already felt bored about this place. I always went there without propose or in shopping mood. Yes, I just want to get out from my house and for some exercises. I’m not kidding you and I’m not a loony! I swear.

Second after second, minute after minute and hour after hour, we walked we snapped restless.

My antenna perked up and reminded me it’s time to lunch. Hmph, it was late lunch since it was already four. So, I called it lunch-to-tea time. We dined at Pizzahut because I had a Hotlink Hot Ticket that it offers the personal size pizza only in RM1. Means what! I save almost RM9!!!! What a great news!

After lunch-to tea time, we went to Farenheit 88 before going back home.

A meaningless weekend ended, the money in purse became less and shopping bags gained more. I need a job!!!

Ps, Happy X’mas and New Year to everyone!! xoxo.


Make your working life alive
10 December 2010 || 22:04

I think I'll start working on next year. I need to do some fashion searching, I need my working life be not so bored.

I found out Caroline Herrera pre-fall 2011 quite awesome! I hope I can own it one in the future. Haha, maybe I'm thinking too much.


plays fun.

Work to leisure
if you're in fashion mood.


09 December 2010 || 20:45

乱乱的, 全都乱乱的.





所以, 选择了 [pause] 的按钮.
全都静了. 好吧! 拿起书, 清一清 messy-minded 吧!

最近买了两本书. 虽然不是最 latest 的, 但还是把它们捧回家了. 希望, 那是个狂啃书的”失眠夜”.






还真是 messy-minded.



朋友呀, 气候变了. 买些产品来 pamper 你的皮肤吧!







巴黎, 就是个最佳的解答



08 December 2010 || 12:12

日子是慢慢地溜走,可是该死的体重却很轻松地往上飙. 哀! 人家说有肚腩就表示那是福,所谓腰缠万贯嘛. 可老娘我, 觉得衣橱里的衣服好像越来越小件呢. 算了, 算了, 先享受食物再打算! (我就说嘛, 人就是这样!)

食物, 对我而言, 不只是拿来塞嘴巴, 然后起劲地嚼着. 然而, 它是减压的坏点子! 你看, 我就是个典型的例子 -------- 胖子! 但, 它给与我的诱惑就像我可以说 you jump, I jump 地那样被征服.

我, 嘴巴没比别人大, 牙齿没比别人多, 舌头没比别人长, 可是食欲却是无止尽.

1. 章鱼烧(RM3.50 for 4)
Wednesday is movie day and Monday 当然是 night market day啦! 嘻嘻, 但这日子因地区而异. 近日有点懒散的我成了长官, 吩咐可怜的妹妹替我到 night market 去买章鱼烧! 可惜, 大马的好章鱼烧难寻呀! 但, 若是台湾的 ……… (嘻嘻)

2. Rojak
Rojak, HO-CHIAK! 这一档可我回味无穷, 对它的味道可绕梁三日, 哈哈, 我好像有点夸张. 不过老实说, 一个月内我可是可以光顾他三四次呢! 寻日撞日不如今日, 考完了又一天的试卷, 一个人静悄悄地跑去坐在他的档口旁, 偷偷地享受着. SHHHHHHHHH------- 你可不要告诉我的精妈妈! 不然下次我不与你们分享了. 哈, 悠闲地点了一盘最简单的 rojak(RM3.50 若我的记忆没错) , 再来个冷冰冰 的 cendol(RM2). 一个人的闲情, 不是字迹可以述说的. 不过, 我还真的很享受这样的一个人.

Ps, 这ROJAK碰碰车是在 Giant Bukit Tinggi 的停车场的外围. Hmph, 只要你知道 Bukit Tinggi 的EON Bank 或Old Town, 我想你是找得到的!

3. 龙凤珠小食馆 Restaurant Long Fong Zu
人家常说早上要吃得少, 所以我就晚上吃得多咯! 跑到了 Bandar Botanic 的一家坐落在角落旁的小食馆. 可惜晚上的选择不是很多, 所以就随随便便点了几道.

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|| 12:01

HAK------ CHIU! Ahem, it’s time to dust the neglected bloggie again! Hey readers, …. actually I don’t know whether have any people keep rolling at here or not, but I don’t mind. I just wanna drop here and say HI! Actually I still in fighting-ness week. Quite awkward when going back to school and be an exam sitter, especially when you’re not in school uniform. Unluckily private schools are not in the list and I can’t step into HH to feel the long lost air.

Wookay, there has still a paper on next week. I mean the last paper!!! And afterwards gonna speed up to plan plan plan my future. But now, let’s update my blog first.

[ back to memory ---------- ]

When the first day of the exam ------------

Frankly, MCD almost becomes my 347895073409 home. And, I miss the MCD TIME with someBUDDIES. If you are watching here, you know who you are! I’m pointing you, ERIC & SUNSHINE!!! I miss them like 459087590975 times and I know they are busying in working life. [ Sob Sob] So, let’s forgive it.

After finished the very first paper at the first exam day, I walked lonely to MCD to order a breakfast set. Forgot what’s the name of that set. But, I remember one thing! I LOVE HUSHBROWN even I know it will make me fat. HAHAHA.


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