Nothing remains forever.

Hey hey. Im not the person that you think.
-That's me

sorry for being stupid and not knowing what to say


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25 August 2009 || 22:01

anybody preceive a change in her behaviour? she is trying to retreat herself from other eyes, hide behind the shine, sequester herself from the crowd. Alone alone. Suddenly all the air suck out of the space around her, breathless. But already been insensible to pain.

"RECLUSE" let her feels an irresistible impulse to break away and make a new life.

somebody desire has perished.


for my dearest friend,
17 August 2009 || 20:25

we were acquainted when you and me same in a class.
tat's called a fate to let us bumped ecth other.
our friendship started from a lunch. i date you to join us.
i felt guilty about many times to abandon you.
yep, i swear i'm ain't a best friend for you.
but it doesnt mean a blithe lack of concern.
i dont know why other people can
sms, phone and gossip with their friend always.
to me, i not a good tattler.
but still can deep in convensation sometimes.
and more prefer face to face.

sorry can't be there with you when you call me .
sorry always broke the promise.
i know all of them are pretext.
but i will be there one day.
do you know,
there were too many first time i spent with,
and i miss that moment.
first time date a friend have a lunch
first time find a friend addicted to fashion much
first time met a shopholic
first time overnight at friend's house (except a bunch of people)
first time barbecue with friend's family
fisrt time spent a movie day with friend's family
first time enjoyed japanese cuisine (except japanese buffet)
first time realise friend also can be intimate sister

although i can't be the tops on your friend list,
but i hope i won't be second to be your audience.
my dearest friend,
i'll never leave although in a long distance.

me n you, meet at the intersection
friendship, restless...


Live to Life
08 August 2009 || 16:11

i just realise the times is creeping on me when i saw the calender turns to August. What am I doing during this few months..?? I feel very insecure about my life now. Is it long time didnt take books for a read? No. Now has magazines given me a good appetite and enjoy it much.

Some people will ask what is my plan now. But i'll reticent about it. And appeal you please jump this title when you want to talk with me!! There has no answer to this queation, because life can't be anticipate by yourself. All I can say is step by step.

every weekdays 9 to 6 working. after finish working, i might go out for tea sessions with family or buddy. sometimes, will treat myself a movie day or window shopping. every sunday, guess what? Yeap, is my lovely sport day. jogging at the park then have a brunch, neither read magazines and take a nap nor hang out with buddy at evening. Recently, i figured out i love to spend my time in Ikea!!!!!!!! Because i like the atmosphere there and all designer's things.

and i'll not preserve this status quo to be longer...