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Hey hey. Im not the person that you think.
-That's me

sorry for being stupid and not knowing what to say


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Nothing conquers all.
27 April 2011 || 22:48

I really don't concern my family, my friends shooooo obviously. Am I shy? Not. Sometimes, I just can’t tell anybody how I really feel. Not because I don’t know why, not because I don’t know my purpose, not because I can’t trust them; but because I can’t find the right words to make them understand. Maybe my vocabulary is tooo poor. =.=''

People comes around, goes around. Well, you will never know when will they come back and look for you again. Do you know the feelings when you make plans and get excited, and it never happen. It's called "You're dumped!" like WTF.
I don't care you, you and you! But it doesn't mean I'm cold-blooded. Care is not language, I won't speak. That's why be friend with me, you'll receive none message, phone or email from me. Haha, save budgets? LOL.
I never leave my friends expect some bastards in far distance, I always be there. I leave messages in blog, twitter and facebook.

I'm not your mummy, I never say BIG GIRL DON'T CRY. Cry out, even cry your lung out I also don't bother much. Because I want you to release your sadness.

I'm not your danny, I never say 2012, I'm still the best guy for you even all the guys die. Because I'm not male.

I'm not your remote control, I never give you FUCKING PERFECT, I let you see my bad-side before you gonna meet me. Because I want you to know the world is realistic, people can act all sweet, lovely & awesome one day, then another they can just take you as if you're not there or even exist.

I'm not your follower, I never say NEXT TO YOU. Because I'm there, I'm around you. I'm fucking hate following your steps and stand behind. I'm your friend not bodyguard!

I'm not your god, I never say DREAMS COME TRUE. Because god gives you direction, I ask you to fight for it. I'm your trainer! Dream sounds lovely, C'mon! If realistic, it's called "TARGET".

I'm not your brain, I never say IT'S MY LIFE. Because don't reminisce the wonderful moment, don't blame when life is dull, don't expect good things come. Grab a oppotunities, let's work it out. Fall? Nevermind, it means you still have halfway to achieve.

Ps, there's a similiar point with my mum, we don't often contact our friends. I consider myself a crayon, I might not be the one your always use, but one day you're going to need me to complete your picture.

Friends, don't disappointed when get hurts in whatever shit things. If can't move on, change it. Let your hands do some magic. :)

I always remember be patient and tough,

because someday this pain will be useful to me.

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