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What an x!
02 July 2010 || 11:23

, I'm nothing but an grouch! It might be a grotty time, in this few months. Guhhh! The old me is back! I must confess I'm not the type of Junoesque, charming and sunshine smile, graceful last time. And now I try to change to be nearly perfect. But, I'm not happy currently. Problems are all jumbled up in my mind. I feel like it's kaput. I am keeled over by the beating of the obstacles. Bad things always tell you in a very matter-of-fact way. It's called reality. Like breeze nips the young blooms. So cruel.

I've been mooning at home in four months. Quit my working life reluctantly because I need to fight with SPM in the end of this year. Ernestly I'm not study mood right now. I never think to back to either school or college in future. Relatives choose study for me, all I can do is accept it. People says cert is an important passes in your future working life. People says you're stupid because you don't have SPM. People says study first and work second. People says people says, I'm freaking tired for " people says "! I'm not born in noble family, mother needs someone to support her. I've no choice. Study is not in my must-done list, but work is. There has an interview tomorrow, stupidly reject it. Because something I need to work out in next week. I hope it will be going smooth. Still thinking whether want to take part of that or not. And now, I need a printer urgently!!!!

Everytime meets the noisome things, I'll choose to exercise to release the anger. Yesh, I did cycled in 5km just now. It killed me! wtf it's just 5km. 'Cause long time didn't exercise, feel myself already been old.

You're my chocolate, my sweetest chocolate,

I really wanna have you- Tae Yang [ You're my ]