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03 January 2010 || 17:08

I reckon SUNDAY gonna be my PAVILION daeee :)
I've been stoned at home a few days ago. I want to exercise more and more. Shopping is my SPORT *wink. If not, I'll feel willies when no shop. PAVILION DAY makes me feel tremendously pleased! UGHHHH, in the same time, lack of money is in such a tangle. I'm totally penniless but I'll not tap others for a loan. It's pretty a bullshit to me! Darn it! This sucks heck will not happen and not gonna to happen! Or else I suicide. HAHA, gonna meet a banker who be my supporter and sponsor. Can I have your favor? XD
Sundae as Pavilion Dae as usual. Hence, it was last day year end sales, so insisted to shop shop shop until drop. But MUMMY CREDIT CARD didn't spurred me much. Hehe, you should think that was awesome when finally get your mumy permission to splurge with the credit cards right? Then I used it less and lesser. Was that a prank? Ho, may be you will say a credit card in hands is better than oomph of money in pocket. For me, I didn't have that spunky much. I knew it will gonna be inordinate use. It signified it's not likely for me and only CASH CASH CASH can satisfied me. Smug N Applause. CASH is so pragmatically! By the way, I didn't want the limit restricted me to spend. Gawn, so what! Even though I'm a devilish spendthrift. So, CREDIT CARDS? Out! Out from my world.
GERRRRR! Another disappoint day to me. Most of the shop, their designs are fucky ugly! Their clothes were last sessions one! I wanted the updated, not OUT-DATED! Just mooching around the shopping mall! Later off to Pyramid shopped another brach again. OMG! The dress I heart one already out of store. ISH! Mum, can I fly to AUS and buy it? HAHA. Anyway, it was better than I spent my first sundae in TWENTY TEN mooning about at home.
*ps, MUM, I bet you don't throw your credit cards to me once again. I'm BEGGING you! I sincere what I say NOW! :)))))))
IN NEW YORK, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothing you can't do, now you're in NEW YORK
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you, let's hear it for NEW YORK
( I made you hot!)
Cheers NEW YORK! My favourite city ♥

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