Nothing remains forever.

Hey hey. Im not the person that you think.
-That's me

sorry for being stupid and not knowing what to say


▪ P300/GRD3/X100
▪ Wealthy&Healthy
▪ ✈Travel ✈
▪ 21th birthday
▪ Backpack to NZ
▪ Mr.True♥
▪ My wishlist will come true :D

there is no such thing as a perfect soul

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Weekday Break
16 June 2011 || 22:09

Sometimes we may get lost in life, but as long as you remember your own values and stick by them, I think you will eventually be on the right path.
If find some more good in other people, let sway away! :D

There seem to be a jail and Im trying to escape.
I wish.
I wish.
I wish.
I wish I can go out for a BREAK.
And that day before, Jessie called me out for Mamak and the next day we headed to Sunway for no reason.
I was not extremely busy and not free let me thought I was freaking busy. =_____=
Sky cried. For what, I didn't know. I didn't ask.

Arrived. No massive jam. No dangerous drivers.
Sunway Pyramid always changed their deco. Lovely. But shopping mall, boring.

Found this. Love the third one and the last, PANDA! It remembered me.... PO!

The recent theme. Slower traffic keep right.

My weird lips. Haha.
Hey everyone, 40km/h please keep right ya. *cough cough*

Normal is for normal people, normal thinking.
But, weird me love acts weird all the times. Being special? Ahem.

Car. Car. Car. Car.

After camwhoring. Went for some snacks. Mr.Siew Bao.
I want.
I want.
I want.
Yesh, I was craving for egg tartsssssssssss!

At last, only bought one and one siew pao. :D

Afterwards, off the Summit to take lunch. A restaurant which served cheap cheapppppp western food. Niasssssssss-nya!!!!
Introduced by Jessie.
By the way, also my first time stepped into Summit. *_____*

At last, time to say bye! Wuuuuuuaaaaaahaha.

Im completely swamped today.
So not much words in this post.
Honestly, I have lots of thing need to rush. Don't know why like the rush of things.
Maybe feels like accomplish a lot and I get to sleep really well at night.
But to fact, I know I will have nightmare and more worst will turn to INSOMNIA!!!!

*weep* =(
Because my dry-correction fluid is finished!