Nothing remains forever.

Hey hey. Im not the person that you think.
-That's me

sorry for being stupid and not knowing what to say


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there is no such thing as a perfect soul

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♥Simple Pleasures
12 June 2011 || 20:19

I build dreams, I chase it, I fall some.
I chase back, I will achieve it in future.
Wait me to prove you.

Sometimes I forget to smile because Im too busy going through my day.
But it really is true, a smile can change a person's attitude.
It can change my day, it can change to way I see thing.
And that day, you guysssss put my big big smile on my face.

Fulfilled with lotssss of fun & wonderful. Almost leaked out.
I feel like tiny grain of sand sometimes, hard to let people catch me in their eyes. Maybe Im not confident enough.
Was the very first met with them on that day. Fate brought us together to know each other.

It was ain't dramatic but effective. I felt comfortable with them. Big smile, white tooth, lame jokes, mature views, interesting gossip.
All happened when spending a lovely lunch. Snippet of sparks that just ran through us. WE'RE CONNECTED.

Big eater me. I had no idea why I ordered it. =_______=
I thought I was over-missing japanese curry rice. That was tasted awesome.
Unproudly I left 30% of it. Waving white-flat. But Calton pointed at me and said shouted "WASTE".
Didn't bother him. :]

Awesome people that I met, Calton and Carol. I already met Carol twice.
I found out Calton is an optimistic and friendly guy. Sorry people, he's not available and attached by a cert of marriage. Wuuuuaahaha.
LC said Calton and me were same in left-handed.
You know Calton boasted what! "YA LAH, LENG LUI & LENG ZAI. WE'RE SMART TOO."
Omgz. Flattered me, LOL.

See his Megan sexy lips. Wuuuuaaahaha.

Whops, forgot to snap Terry.
This day, not like other day, not like every other day.
So what happened, happened.
I didn't know why I could be so so talkable with them compare with my old classmates.
Maybe I had a gap with them.
I couldn't talk to hell and whatever as I wanted. Only close friends do.
The people the day I met, I felt released.
Felt abit familiarity.
There was no point I denying, it always be a part of me.

What I seek, what I see.