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This ♥ , It was all in my head.
30 May 2011 || 11:44

Forgive me. It's been two years I didn't step into here after leaving. Yesh, I hate missing everything after I back home. I spent 4 years in this school. I remember the first day I stepped into here. I remember I made the choice to leave without notice.

The most thing I miss, "RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG" Breaktime! Canteen!

After lunched with my bestie, Rey Vern. I walked around the school. Everything changed. I looked like a teacher here. Haha, that's why I always was in discipline unit in my society.

My school has lift. Yeng lerh. That's why people say HH people memang rich-nya.

Haha, last time teacher asked me going back to take this. But my action is after two years... =.=''
It took me forever to finish this form. Omgz, I leave it inside my bag now.

Bestie with her cute hp purse.

I bumped into my junior, Wen Tien. We took bus together everyday. Lol, I miss her much. It's your final year right? Good luck. ;)

Guess who? Wooooooooooo, GERRARD MOOK!!!! One of my favourite junior. Never has a serious conversation, we love talking rubbish to each other. And he still loves to boom me. LoL. I was asking where he gonna continue his further study after HH. You know what was his answer? Just craps! Damn. =.='''
Hey become lengzai already huh but will more handsome if you're in fair skin. Hehe.

She must kills me if see this photo. Haha.

I fetched her back after finished her work. Okay, you know what is my bestie? Bestie who I go to his/her house and I'll open refrigerator by myself without asking. Wakakaka.
Mini liquor♥

Omgz. I seldom take picture with you. Must do in this time! Take 1.

Take 2

Take 3. Hehe, I'm waiting take 4. Mean what? I'm waiting our outing. (>.<)

Her father took us out for dinner. And also had movie at her house, chat time.

Though we are thousands and thousands of miles apart, it doesn't mean we're seperated. Friends, keep in touch. :]

Ps, Achieving doesn't mean winning. Winning doesn't mean you're superior too. Sometimes,it's worthwhile to listen to others before it's too late. But anyhow,let's just let bygones be bygones.