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18 April 2011 || 10:57

The cell phone shrilled from somewhere deep in my dream, but consciousness took over long enough for me to wonder if it was Friday. After a stunningly fast orientation process - Today is friday! Pc fair!! Means what? I was gonna going to KLCC, again. Oh-yah for godsake!

Before going to KLCC, I headed to Ikea for lunch, most correctly was brunch. Memory told me that it was been an age didn't lunch at there. Am I busy? Nope. ♥ Meatballs!!! 10 meatballs only for RM10++! :)

Regretted for me greedy. I couldn't finished all, I left four. Damnshit! After brunch, I was window-shopping in Ikea. I ♥♥♥ Ikea! Didn't know why I felt release when everytime shoppping around there. Maybe the design. I found a smart guy was busyly choosing some goods and wait! Am I paranoid? We bumped each other in a few areas and I thought he was looking at me. Haha, I was thinking tooooo much. Yup, I think Ikea is quite suitable for couple and the best damn blissful thing when both of you are dicussing what should buy, make a list and searching. Woooo, what happened to me. I also dreamed about it! Nevermind, dream never cost us. Okay, after finished shopping Ikea, something popped out in my mind, I wanna own a big big house and stuff the Ikea cupboards! ;D

Aferward, off to KLCC. I did a speedy walking in PC Fair and found nothing. So went to Miss Kwan's to have my dinner before movie started. Fish Ball Noodle(RM13.90) and Bubur Cha Cha(RM5.50). Ish, Klang town's Bubur Cha Cha was 45847095287509 times better than this!

Hehe, before eating....

Popcorn time! SREAM 4!!!!!!:D

The opening scene was very----- complex. It deconstructed how we think Scream opening scenes were supposed to play out, and characters actually voice this. So basically the opening scene wass only about opening scenes. After all I didn't think it was horror enough but the stranger who sat beside me... hmph XD

I love Kirby's hairstyle!!! It made her looks hoooooooot! :)

Yup, my weekend would be stay at home and rest. Said no more than three days hangout at KLCC! :D

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