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Time spent
24 April 2011 || 08:51

I hadn't decided yet, I was mulling it over my mind. A second call came in, she said the time was advanced to 1pm at my house. Luckily I had made perparations beforehand because I knew she always came more earlier the time that she mentioned.

Double J, Jessie and Jeslwn(hmph, I didn't know how to spell her name as pronounce by a "Jes" and a "win") were in town! Yeah, shopping and lunch. Traffic jam at most of time when you were travelling in PJ. Lunch time at BBQ Plaza, Jessie's favourite. Ordered a family set and grilled bacon roll which recommended by Jeslwn.

BBQ Plaza

Fried Rice, not bad.

Family set, lots of porkkkkksss and vege.

Seems like a century didn't eat meat. So famished huh :)

Owhhhh, her eyes shoooooo shoooooo big. Jealous.

Your truly & Jessie

Your truly :D

I hadn't take a proper picture yet and half of them gone. Yesh, no doubt. Toooooo yummy and crunchy! :))

After changed into casual look and headed to Jessie's house for nami! I ♥♥♥♥ nami much as you can call me auntieeee! When waiting the girls bathing, watched Astro 317 and I spotted this. Bubbles tea is welcoming in London and damn popular.

Girl favourite, cam-whoring. Or you could label it as self-esteem as whatever. Haha. I was toooo bored for waiting there.

Finale! They were done. Snacks as companion when playing nami.

Your truly :)

Already slim down abit. Work hard girl, I know you're not living like fighting cocks at there.

Walao-lehhhh, so pro pula. Sambil talking phone sambil playing nami.

My lovely Saturday gone, gone to the fullest.

Proper grammar will get you far in life.

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