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21 April 2011 || 00:07

yeah, I'm waiting and welcoming May. Not why, because Im gonna be busy-bee again. Ahem, hope it really is and do. I hate to be bored, I hate my mind is blank and fucking no idea what I gonna do. Wake up, online, eat, movie, window-shopping, starbucks, eat and sleep. It is sheer torture and making me retard. I have been a long time didn't go Bukit Bintang already. I want a satisfied shopping spree!! I want foooooood!

Yup, I stopped working for a few months and going to bankrupt sooooooooooon. People will say what I just don't get a part-time job instead of always complaint this and that. Well, different people different mind. I was in dilemma during that few months. I didn't own a quality sleep. I vacillated. But this problem had been half-solved. Another half gonna waits my decision after December. Im a person who easily distracted.

Well, Im also a straight person. I say what I want, I do what I urge and no intend to hurt anyone. All my friends know it. When I earn, I will belanja you all within my capacity. When I poor, I will ask you to wait. Haha, J knows it! However, I treat you good it's doesn't mean can be bullied or take advantage of me. I hate people always telling A in front me and doing B at my back. C'mon, Im good playing in this kind of game. Please don't give a shit okay. I'll retreat you back as what you doing for me. Friend is unterstood for the basic rule, that's why I no need to give you a fucking warning. Warning makes you be a loser only. Recently, I found someone was like that. (since it's public I rewrote it again) She was that kind of drama queen. As the first time, I didn't take J's words as a clue. Because Im a person who is not bother gossip much and I only believe what I receive for my own. Time proved it truth even it was just in a short-term. Yesh, I will beware of this "virus" far far away.

Watched The Roommate just now. I rated 5.5/10. Personally thought it was abit similiar with The Orphan. Someone needed love, needed a companion and importantly they have zyprexa. Leighton Meester played her role well. That's why sometimes I loved Queen B muchbut you will see S sooooon in Green Lantern, Wootz!

Hehehehehehehehehe, Cam Gigandet makes me drooling. He is shoooo sexy hot and cute.

Okie, it was been late. I should stop now. Bye night.

Ps, Jealousy is when you realize someone has something you want and if you work real hard you can get it. Envy is when you realize someone has something you can never have no matter how hard you try.

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