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17 April 2011 || 22:25

When I grew up, found my life sounded monumentally monotonous, then I would be not in mood, especially all my damn closest buddies were not in town. Moonstruck? Perhaps. It was ain't a good thing for me when fooling around all the months. I was weird, I prefered hectic life more than you gave me pair of wings.

Thursday, I got myself out and headed to Midvalley. Mooched around the shopping malls and fall asleep in Borders. I supposed to go to have a lunch at Delicious. But something reminded me that my camera already traded out due personal reason. So changed to Carl's Jr. Goddamn, packed as usual during lunch hour.

Without a second thinking, off to KLCC. Lunched at food court, the damn cheapest in KLCC!!!! Nasi Kandar Campur Kambing(around RM5). It was quite not bad but not the best.

Kinokuniya, the next station. Actually gonna got some reference books before my course started. At last, I bought some books but reference books none. I intended to buy one books, but it costed RM200++. Due to lack of income, I cancelled. Suddenly I founded this, DU LA LA!! I watched the drama before, not bad. It was about how DU LA LA to overcome some sticky problem and how to become senior. Hmph, I didn't bought this because it was all chinese words and I was sure I will fall asleep when reading.

After more than two hours staying at Kinokuniya, movie time! Source Code! Jake Gyllenhaal :)

Finished movie and rushing back to Klang for dinner. Last day of Sushi King RM2 Bonanza!!! :) I really didn't care what ingredients polluted and I still supported Japanese fooooood! By around 9pm a long queue had formed outside the branch. After waiting half an hour and used to get inside it! Dinner time! :)
I was thinking with spec or without spec. But G mentioned I was suitable for with spec because he couldn't recognize me after took it off. Hahaha, he's good brother for me :)

On the way backed home,

Ze books I bought for today, A Whole New Mind(RM55) and The Secret(RM79.90). Finally I brought The Secret babe home. Last time at secondary school, all the friends said it was a must reading book. But they read chinese version and I bought english version. Hope I will enjoy the book! :)

ps, I heard that Love & Other Drug in M'sia was censored toooo much! Oh nooooo! I want someone help me to download that movie! :p

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