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Wind in my hair!
10 January 2011 || 12:16

“A week? Honey, I just don’t see how you’re going to sudden-planning-trip in a week.” my lovely mother said, shocked in a second. We were sitting in the bedroom in our usual spots, mummy doing her paper work, me as always watching her and hope she could turn around her head and watching me back. But, there had no miracle happen.

She didn’t sound oppose. So, I made my own decision and followed my friend taking bus to Johor Bahru. Well, I was planning to Singapore for walking and gasping some fresh air. And honestly, I didn’t bring much money to there or you could label it BACKPACK. Ya, something similar like that.
First day friend brought me into Singaland and my lonely tressure started! Lonely journey might be feel bored and lost interesting, at last I could clear my messy minded. Saw alone, walked alone, ate alone as well. Even though I hope there had a friend I could share with, but it didn’t work. Sorry Sunshine, I couldn’t manage my schedule neatly to meet you, next time we trip together can?

During this trip, I be a suspicious person in their MRT station since I didn’t know people is not allowed to stay at the station too long. Aiz, actually cause of some reason I stayed there reluctantly. After the following days, everytime when I listened “If you see any suspicious person or thing, please… …”, I would smile and wondered why I was so fool on that time! Shame man!!!

WOOOOOOOOOW, I’m still thinking Marina Bay now and planning go to Casino when I am 21!!!! HAHAHA, who wants to follow? I didn’t enjoy much and I hadn’t have a chance to Universal Studios!!! It costed so expensive during school holidays, damnshit! By the way, I love Orchard and Bugis street babe!!! Shopping spree!!

In the conclusion, I can confirm Singaland is memang memang clean!!! But, I was a bit disappointed when inside the MRT. Not only me, I think some of the Singaporeans also angry for the selfish man. Maybe Malaysians are too CIN CIN CAI CAI and we couldn’t recognize it. Just forgive it!!

Ps, more pictures please find forward my facebook!

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