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No splurge No food Just saunter
14 June 2010 || 20:36

If last time you followed my Facebook, you would know a line stated 'Gonna go to shopping mall to enjoy the air-cond'. Yup, I would going to wither if I still stoning at my sauna-ly house. I was wedded to coax my madam mama letting me drive to Sunway. It's the nearest place I can go since last time happened a small acident and mama started to bar me driving.

I cottoned on to why madam not so willing to let me drive out of Klang. She was worried I couldn't resolve if get involved into an acident. She worried I will mow down people or cars when I'm sugar high. Topple. At last, mama permitted. You know, I said I would tag along my cousin as assistant.

Using different route made my cousin heart somersaulted abit. I mumbled incoherently. However, he still understood what I saying. Yeah, see louder than explain. We also buzzed abit en route from Klang to Sunway.

Out of my prediction, the road no congested with traffic but inside Sunway Pyramid's car park did. Thus, be oppotunistic parked in front the enter of lobby. Wow, how dare am I! My cousin clapped and prasing me always break the rules. Yeeeeha!


Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid

Ohya, I entitled it 'No splurge No food Just saunter'. Besides, I almost emptied my purse and left RM30 inside. Don't flabbergast! I earnestly broke and my madam barred me to cash out. Darn it, what a pest! Bad shape(copy from FKM). I don't want to study I want my working life back. Uh!


Asian Avenue, the deco

Tingle when I can't purchase everything, even anything. But, like a dog wags its tail excitedly when know the money still inside the pocket. Haha. That's why I increasely anti-social and less hang out. Or else I can say I don't exactly run around with an enormous posse of friend. I'm not rich, I only spend I earn.

There has a nice congee in Food Corner, Asia Avenue

Welcome to Street Fashion. Well, I know I'm not fashion enough.

Nevermind, I still exulted when could windows shopping without headache. Luckily that day I had a helper, my cousin helping me to snap snap snap! Normally I snap people people don't snap me. Sob sob.


Ohya, I had a bad bad FIFA fever during this hot occasion. I must confessed I'm not soccer fans. I merely heart "FIFA" this word, especially this year held at South Afrika!! Jambo Mambo Woola!


Moi with FIFA, I want it! The B.O.L.A!


My cousin. He is only allowed me to snap his back. Sad case.

Walk walk walk without destination. Suddenly, something catched my attention.


A grimy Nissan bla bla blah. I love guy-love-thingy, cars!!! Guys girlfriend. Yup, I love cars. Even though sometimes I mitake the cars name.



Outfit of the day
Top: MNG
Skirt: Cotton On

After finished windows shopping, I drived my cousin went to SS15 for some confection. Want to know what is that? Please stay tune and wait for my next post! I separate into two posts because it's another my food post. Well, remember Imma a food blogger?! I know you must forget about it! Weeeeeee.

Ps, my cousin was curious why I so know well Sunway. Hehe, it's my third home. Btw, last time I worked in a company just beside Pyramid!! I only can drive around Sunway, abit PJ, abit Cheras, Kuala-la-la Lumpur is out of knowing now! I love to get lost but I loathe it wasting me time to get lost. Yup, that's me, quite contradictory.