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Me oh My, Groceries Day!!
05 June 2010 || 16:03

Today is public holiday!! Everybody has plans, except me. I chose to be avoid the crowd and made it normal. Tried to do cycling at park in the early morning, but the weather ruined my plan. PLAN B ----- had breakfast with my mother and then bought some groceries.

It's been an age I didn't be a companion go to supermarket. In fact, I'm not a wifely material. It doesn't mean I don't know how to cook. The taste I cook will be abit "abnormal". Don't worried, you will not have a attack of diarrhoea. [ Cross my heart.] Hahaha.

Savanna Dry Premium Cider. I found the bottle quite winsome. Without thinking, I bought it home. It's a ultimate dry, premium but cool cider. Under Distell if I'd not make any miskate.

Yup, I'm a drunkard. I drank it at noon. My little sister thought me crazy. C'mon, it's only cider!!!

Beside alcohol, bought some titbits as well. There will have a food disaster if I stay at home. I just can't stop myself keep eating when my ass stick at home properly. That's the reason why I gain my weight nowadays. It makes me anti-social too! :(

Honey Star!

Koko Krunch "Duo". Feel strange right? Um, it's a new one. Mix brown and white in box.

Honey Bunches of Oats. Bought this for mother. 'Cause she has limit selection of food recently. Friends, must always take good care of yourself okay!!

For you, will you choose milk with healthy cereals.....

or be served with cider?? *Cough.

What a ridiculous idea!!!! Taste bizarre man!!! :P

Okay, it's my lovely Saturday. How about yours? More meaningful right? I think so.

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