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Without mission, no passion.
14 May 2010 || 22:23

When words dissolve beside the mouth, when minds get confused inside the brain, while urge to need lots cigarettes to sedate. [Whops! I didn't mean I'm a smoker!!! Don't misunderstading. ] A people who lose their mission, they will lose everything too and be insensible. No passion, you can only live in grey. Hem, seems like two worlds collide!!!

Ouch! What am I talking about now? Fute te!! Maybe I'm the person who with too much free get lazy.

Stop talking nonsense. It was a freakish Friday. The sun was getting in trouble. Although I already took noted that VANS launch party at Sunway Pyramid, but I still made it on the spur of the moment. Around four something, tagged along my little brother and waited almost 30 minutes plus at Klang KTM. The train came be late as usual.

After this and that, here and there. Arrived at Pyramid, spotted there had a crowd, VANS!!!!

VANS OFF THE WALL!!!! Um, I didn't know what the papan calling about. It used to help skater to emerge their skills?! Can I explain like that?!! HEHE. There has a lot of skateboarding tricks like ollie, 360 ollie, heelflip, kickflip, nollie or bla blah blahhhh. Amoi has no knowledge about skateboarding, so don't ask me anything from it! I just found it out a little bit bored because the skaters. They couldn't really tease me. So, that's why I don't have any pictures to show you all. I could remember last time I watched Japan skaters playing. Woo, felt the heart gonna popped out from the mouth.

On that day, bands, Bunkface and Couple were playing too! First time to meet this two bands. As people know Mavis Lim, they'll know I'm quite un-patriotic.

COUPLE, the guitarist/vocalist.

The back up!!! Don't know why I love to call it BACK UP instead to DRUMMER :)

Omg, I forgot to snap BUNKFACE. Move move shake shake. Sorry again, I didn't had any passion nowadays. System shutdown.
As usual, arts captured my attention. I knew there had a person called Mr.Kenji. I knew because last time Leona introduced me about Black Fryday.

I just realise he is a left-handed too. Or maybe. I didn't walk forward and ask him, because it was a bad bad bad interruption.

Mr.Kenji with emcee. Uh-huh, I knew the reason why Ms.Shieko always not around there. She was going to dinner. Working under a hot hot sun was ain't a easy job.

Dang Tang Tang!!! I don't know whether the works was already finished or not. But, it was not early for me, especially my little brother. So, I snapped abit and walked into the shopping centre.

A close up. VANS!!!!! ♥♥


After all sweaty, both of us is time go for a dinner and rush to back home. I can feel someone is non-stop nagging at home now.

Poseur 2.

Porridge time(F1.AV.187), Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid.

Thanks for Anthony last time introduced me this place. Hehe, due to some reason I didn't go to find you. Please forgive me. Okay, it serves great porridge!!! Here's the some deco around there.

Don't know why this few days sakit gigi ( "Toothache" in English). Luckily I still can find out this place! :D
Soya Milk(Cold, RM2.70)

Sweet Potato(Hot, RM3.80) It makes me miss Cheras, again.

Peanuts Porridge with Salted Egg(RM5.50) The portion is huge. It's worthy to the price.

Soup noodles(RM7.50) See, the ingredients already cover the noodles! My brother can't finish it all!!!

The noodles hide beneath.

Dinner time started! So, some random pictures.

It's time to go out now! Bye. Hope you enjoy your weekends! :)))

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