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Happy Grandmama vs Mama Day
09 May 2010 || 23:03

Eighteen years ago, a woman borned a baby. After eighteen years, she became an adult. The woman is getting older and older. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... until the wrinkles stealthy become uncountable. The sudden changes turned all me and her life topsy-turvy. Marriage never be perfect, life never turn blissful. One thing is she never get fed up on me. She is strong and never surrender by a tornado.

She used to be my friend, my mother, my bestie, or bla bla blah some character. Although we really have a capital gap between us nowadays, but you're my only priority. Thanks for your love. I ♥♥♥♥♥♥ you too, Ms.Chong Siew Bang!!! You're my suphaaaaawoman. You're the special!!!

Okay, let's go back to the topic! This year was special, why? 'Cause we'd celebrated this kind of celebration. Last time only me said HAPPY MAMA'S DAY or gave her a present. So now, we made it at a restaurant which near my Klang house. Due to today I was not incharge in the bill, so no exact price or name. But, I shared to you all.

She was my Juliet on today, Ms.Chong aka my mama.

"C'mon, faster snap! I still wanna grab the food! XD"

This boy is my little brother. He doesn't like to be proper in photos. Weird acting is his favourite! FML.
" What! Mama so terrible! She takes my food too!" *#(%)#*%)(#&%()@&%#)(&%

Ahem, Ah Moi abit tired now. Let's picture be the story-teller! :)

Mother's Day was going to the end?

Nope, it will be everyday in our life!

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