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Double L.O.V.E
09 May 2010 || 15:52

The whirr of the fan, made noise beside my bed. Sunlight entered the bedroom through a chink in the curtains. I felt insatiable of it! Kept rolling my eyes. Oh yeah, today is a important than other day. Jumped out for the bed and tagged along mama for the brunch. Since her elder daughter broke, so I only treated her at STARBUCKS ♥♥♥♥!

Mama's Mocha and moi Chocolate Cream Chip. I'm a sophaaaa CHOCOLATE addict! Love babe :)

Cinnawon rolls. It tasted like doughnut, same in delicate curl of buttery dough. Very sticky and gooey bite. Nothing can shout also.

I couldn't stop on chivvying mama faster to try this!!! Shepherd's pie, it tastes awesome. It is known as Cottage pie in English. It is a Ireland dish which containing beef or lamb mince. But, it served with chicken mince in Malaysia's Starbucks. However, I still prefer beef or lamb. There has a mashed potato crust and some black pepper on the top. Woo, how can stop myself don't crazy about it!!! What a scrumptious!

A lovely Sunday, spent a Mother's Day brunch with Mama. Sorry mummy, I can't bear Lanvin or Givenchy or even Lancel. Starbucks not bad, right mummy? :)

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