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08 May 2010 || 19:57

The thing about weekend is that it's seductive. It's not the men or the dates or even the crazy parties. 'Cause the lovely sunshine that have the power to seduce you! It is perfection when you jog at the park in the weekend morning! But, in the end, I screwed everything up. Stupiakkkkk me :(

Yesterday, texted Jessie, "9am and don't be late!"

Do you what happen in the next day?! You will shout OMG!

I woke up at 8:38am! And I spotted my handphone had 10 missed call, one from Jessie and other rest from Mdm. MAMA. Omg, how come I didn't feel any vibration or sounds? FML. Thanks granny timely waken me up. Everything was going to rush and rush. Since my friends know I'm a finicky person. Uh-huh, this time, I can say it was a special case! Gosh, no time to comb my messy-scraggyly hair and straight drove to Klang. Don't worry, I'd took bath before stepped out from the house. If you see any terrible-homie-look people( I mean MYSELF!) down there, please don't swoon! I can't bear your medical expenses. Hehe :D

Okay, I knew Jessie was supra-furious. When I arrived there, she didn't scold me and found my fault. [Thanks god, I know you love me.] Faster to buy ticket and headed to the capital city, Kuala Lumpur.

First station, KLCC for the KLDW. Retrospected last time, I was a art freak! I mean I love drawing and art. Along with time, something turns my art-mood OFF! Met a designer and he told me this world is realistic and bla bla blahhh. Maybe after the conversation, hem! I mean MAYBE, be reticent about my plans. And now, my art is in a retrogression situation. No more people see a girl stick her ass on the chair, spend she whole day or week with drawing. She is missing!!! Sob.

Actually I gonna go to Capsquare to peep how's Malaysian one. You know I WAS LATE IN DA MORNIN! Cancelled Capsquare plan and only KLCC.

Art for everyone is at Level 3, Suria KLCC.

Hence, not allowed camera inside there, so no photo to show you all. I love Mr.Haroshi works and it catched my attention at the first sight. Also, I played the windmill at THE WINDCATCHER area. I blowed hardly and Jessie saw the nerdy me playing fool around.

It's still available at KLCC. Please check out at KLDW! :)

After visiting the art, we headed to Pavilion. It's been an age I didn't go Pavilion. Shameful. I should be scrimp and save nowadays, because I'm OFF of working life! So, I took my brunch-going-to-lunch at the food court. Darn it! Almost forgot I didn't take my breakfast, let's do forgive it! Haha.

Both of us were walking around and around. I really had no idea when I gonna dine at food court. Very first time, baby! See, how prodigal me last time! Second shameful.

I... I... I chose Teppanyaki! Salivated when sawing the chef chik-chhak chik-chhak the ingredients. Jessie didn't like the sound. She said it was a little bit creepy. By the way, also complainted it was scruffy when she spotted the chef used the gadget (Em, sorry. I don't know what to the exact name.) scrubbing the grease away and continue to cook. C'mon, let's forgive it! HAHA.

See, still alot of supporter aka customers there!

It's show time! Get slurp!

OMG! The eye bags so obvious!

Chilli Garlic Beef set(RM15.00) + Orang Juice(RM2.80)

I like the taste and the beef is chewy. It's simply grilled with black pepper and salt. I looked around and most of the people ordered beef set. It was popular in the menu! If have a chance, next time gonna try their salmon set and fried rice. They also serve seafood set, but I'm allergy for prawn. Sad case. If they can serve me goulash, then should be best ever! Haha.
Finished my brunch, was turn for Jessie taking her lunch. Quite weird right? Both of us came together and dine at different place. I think that's gonna be my problem also. Sorry, my friend. I don't eat any bone-food!

Her finger licking lunch, KFC.

Camwhore in KFC.

Brunch, lunch were done. What time now! Girls are going to crazy! Shopping time!!! Cotton On was my today mission. Thanks Joanne Lee helped me to print the voucher. Love you much! Muakcsssss! Searching... peeping.. scouting around. Suddenly, I had strongly feeling when someone talking with her friend!!! I meant just standing beside me. I turned around and I saw her friend. So, where is SHE! Abit disappointed. When waited at the dressing room, I gonna shout out. Luckily I didn't do that. I said, " Simone!" My facebook friend!!! She is so cute!!! She couldn't recognized me, then I said, "Mavis!". I thought she will be at Pavilion on tomorrow. How come! Bravo! We didn't talk, maybe she gonna to some where. When she leave, I realised forgot to take a photo with her. OMG.
Nice to meet, my friend!!! Simone Ong! :D
First time met my facebook friend, first time let my facebook friend saw my ugly-messy-look! How embarassing!!! Omg my godness! FML. Haha.

The weather was going a bit overcast. So, Jessie and I rushed to LRT and back to Klang. Snapped abit at outside.
R O S E ! I do remember when in the Cheras kindergarten, a boy gave a rose to me and said, " I like you." So sweet. I think this kind of thing won't gonna be happen, again. True love never been real.

This tiger also includes in the NOVA, KLDW. If I didn't make any mistake.

It was the first time I tagged along my friend do shopping with me. Maybe you will think I'm a weird person. Yeah, I'm quite weird one. Who knows? Want know me, date me out! Haha.

Oh ya, Mother's Day tomorrow! ♥♥♥ Okay, Mother's Day is not a day, you should make it be everyday! Cheers!!!
Happy Mother's Day to all over the world! Wish all the Mamas, Grannies healthy always and your children will make a smashing celebration to you all!
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