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27 April 2010 || 00:42

" J, let's go to watch Ice Kacang LOR!" M said when passed by J's working shop.

"Okay, no problem"

"When your off day?!"

" Thursday."

Lastly, we went to watch Ice Kacang Puppy Love on Monday, 26th April. It was the first time I hang out with my primary friends. I confessed I lost contact since I graduated from primary school. I just realised there had a different between government school and private school. Private school students less run back to the past, because we all only concentrate now and study, government school students take both into account then.

Okay, back to the topic. Another very first time I supported Malaysia movie. It was because "Ahniu" this name hold my attention. The story not bad, fully encourage you to watch!

In the early morning, PANG JOANNE PAO TIU WENKAI and me sing karaoke at Greenbox. You all must be know MAVIS LIM is a karaoke idiot, you will never seen she steps into those Redbox, Greenbox and Neway. I'm not phobia about singing. Just abit not-so-interesting. But I'm a super movie-phile! XD

PANG is a good singer!


Fried rice. I just noted that WENKAI almost ate two plates of it. WENKAI, you so TAM CHIA! HAHAHA

Afterall, we moved to Starbucks to had a chilling session before the movie started. I was cock-a-hoop about getting a drink at Starbucks. Finally. My mother always barred me when I gonna step into there. Starbucks is a bitch! It makes me falling deeply into it.
My Ice Green Tea Cream (RM13.50). After paying at the counter, WENKAI just told me you will get 10% discount if you hold a Jusco member card! OMG! Damn it! I hate you!

It was the time be a paparzzi again!
Tallerman is tallerman.

PAO looks so serious. Take it easy, okay?!


Laught laugh laugh, more.

She is smile!

It was another place we chilling after finishing the movie, Mill Wheel Ice Cafe.

Hey friend, no outside food allowed. HAHA.

She is waiting outside food. LOL, just kidding.

Finally, the ice was served.

Matcha Cheese (RM5.90)

Chocolate Snow Cheese (RM5.90)

Mango Snow (RM4.90)

A lovely last Monday of April. A warmful hangout day.

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