Nothing remains forever.

Hey hey. Im not the person that you think.
-That's me

sorry for being stupid and not knowing what to say


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I don't be your neither BABY nor HONEY,
17 April 2010 || 23:45

We bump someone in our life. We let he/she stepping into our life and risk our heart.
The person who can turns down volume no matter there is a crowd, and we can feel each other heart is beating.
The person who can make you feel upside down and gone crazy about him/her. Feel like a bitch/ dude when you feel imperfect for him/her.
The person who can let you revel in everything when you know someone is always stand beside you and be a full-time supporter.
The person who make you shout,
" I don't be your neither BABY nor HONEY, I just want to be the main character in the rest of your life! "

May be people said marriage is just a certificate or indeminity of love. Then, you're absolutely wrong! There has many many more friends, intimates, brothers, sisters, buddies in your life. They just can be a part but not all. The person you want to marry with is who always infuse you energy and you feel confident when you say, " He is my husband/ She is my wife. "

This time, finally they found each other and HE and SHE mingled together to form couple. And after all, turned LOVE into TRUST. ______ " I do."

Actually I didn't know who are they. I was tagged along with my parents. I gazed at my parents in disbelief when they told me the wedding banquet held at my ex-secondary school. I smiled reluctantly. Luckily I didn't dress up even though make up. My face turned into very sensitive recently. Uh-huh, thanks to the hot air baloon sake!
I didn't expect too much. The dishes, the service were sucks! Ten of the dishes, I only ate three.

Baby octopus! Unluckily it didn't make me shouted.

Carlsberg is healthy for drunker! HAHAHAHAHA

Said HI to my new boyfriend. Just kidding! He is adorable and also his papa more charming! *Blink blink!

My favourite picture of the day :D

Yeah, that's me.