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Food Stories: Restaurant Hoo Bee
30 April 2010 || 01:01

OMG! My bank consultant already gave me a double admonishment that I had no more money in the account now. I'm going be a begger soon! I hate it! Uh-huh, just take it easy.

Since we didn't feel satisfied our meal at Hing Ket Grilled House, so I suggested a second round. I drove through all the way from Kampung Jawa to Bukit Tinggi. Applause. My passengers didn't get heart attack and arrived there safety. My driving skill was pro, okay! HAHA.

This is one of my favourite restaurant at Bukit Tinggi. Hm, it has a lot of hawker stalls there, variety of choices. TANG TANG! Restaurant Hoo Bee. You might be think why recently I didn't step into any famous aka luxury restaurant. HAHA. I almost broke nowadays, so less luxury spending.

It's located at the center of Bukit Tinggi. I think. Ain't hard to find, it just near to Giant, Bukit Tinggi. During the lunch time, you will spot many office worker lunch at there. A night, people spend their dinner at there too! The taste of the food are equalled to the restaurant name, HOU MEI in cantonese, delicious in English, sedap in Malay. I mean some of them like Lou Xu Fan, Laksa and bla bla blah, because I haven't try all! XD

Mochi. it served with some shredded coconut and peanut. Just abit disappointed because the smell of shredded coconut was already covering the Mochi. Hm, I don't know the exact price, but it came with Tong Yun were around RM4.

Tong Yun. We eat glutinous rice balls during the Chap Goh Mei or Winter Solstice. However, this traditional dish is available at Klang and it is ain't easy to find at the capital city, KL.

There is a tinge spiciness from the ginger. The perfect size of Tong Yun served definitely soft yet chewy. And also we tried the famous-big-size Tong Yun, it was filling with peanut. When you bite, you will feel the flavour explode and make you can't stop of it! Beware, please don't bother the daughter-in-law's emo, always give you a LANSI-shit-face one! Sometimes, I feel like gonna slap her and give her a whack!
(PS, there has another branch at Restaurant Pin Chou, Port Klang, address: 112, Jalan Pekan Baru, Kawasan 17 off Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang.)

The owner of this stall should be lucky beside the Tong Yun stall. I spotted when I turned around. Sotong Kangkung (RM7). It was a simply side dish. The sauce tasted like CHU CHIONG FAN. Hey, I more favoured Kangkung Balacan than Sotong Kangkung. Maybe I couldn't accept it.

Fried chicken (around RM5 for two pieces, depends which you order). I never try oily dishes at night. So no comment of this chicken.

Restaurant Hoo Bee
Lorong Batu Nilam 10. From KL, just go towards Klang city centre on Federal Highway. Go past the bridge over the Klang River. After 1km, you will see a flyover in front. Follow the signboard that shows a Hospital cross symbol. You will turn left here. After about 2 km, you will see the Hospital on your right. Drive past 2 more traffic lights and you can see the signboard that directs you to Bukit Tinggi. You will keep right and go underneath a flyover. At the traffic light junction, turn right. The shophouses would be on your right. Head towards Tesco, the kopitiam is near there.

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