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Food Stories: Hing Ket Grilled House
30 April 2010 || 00:29

The sky turned into dark, maybe overcast soon. Rain never came, but thunder never less. The weather was freakish nowadays. It made me confused whether gonna step out from my house or not.
My result was ASOLUTELY Y.E.S!!! I tagged my mother along to Kampung Jawa. There was funny thing happened.
" Kampung what what has food MEH?"
" It is called Kampung Jawa. On LAR! Last time I heard other blogger said one, the grilled house!"
Hing Ket Grilled House is famous around Kampung Jawa and in some food blogger world. But, it's not so publicity. I couldn't resist the temptation of some delicous food picture. So didn't bother how sucks was the weather. In the end, felt regret about it.

Kat Cai (RM2.50 per each)

Titbit (RM2.00) was served before the food coming. They charged you without permission. If you really don't want, maybe can ask them take it away. It was not worth.

The chilli sauce and another mint sauce for grilled lamb.

Fried Tong Fun aka glass noodle (RM12.00). The portion was enough for three person. I couldn't eat more because I'm allergy for prawn. It tasted only so-so. It was too wet and made it sticked together.

Grilled Lamb (RM8.00 for each slice). Please don't judge for its appearance. It tasted tender, chew able and juicy. Tasted different when you dip with the mint sauce. Awesome! I can say if compare with price, it was worth than last time I dined at TGIF.

Nyonya Fish aka Baked Asam Fish (RM15.00). The fish was not overcooked and served perfectly. "Not so spicy but you can feel a little bit the pandan leave playing with your tongue when you bite the fish!" This sentences was came out from my relative mouth. By the way, I think it will be taste more fantastic if the aluminium is cover when cooking.

Grilled Crab (RM36.00 for two). Out of my anticipation! This was the sucks crab I ever tasted. Hm, actually I didn't taste but my glutton relative complainted. I was not talking nonsense, I had a high sense in colour, okay?! Crab will lost its sweet taste when you're no good in cooking crab. Plus me, recently sticked with watching some cooking programme. So I already marked down some point. I couldn't describe how bad it was. It was just plain grilling and you almost choked with its bakar surface! It was over scorching! I suspected the chef just a tiro.

After paying the bill, I noted that the price was upside down. Not accurated also, I mean not same price with other customers. My relative said he will close down if he open at Pandamaran. HAHA.

Hing Ket Grilled House
Lot 3569, Batu 3 1/4, Kampung Jawa,
41100 Klang, Selangor.

It is located off the main road along Kampung Jawa, Klang.
1) If you come from Federal Highway, after toll, go straight. 1st viaduct, go up.
2) At roundabout, turn left. (condos in front).
3) When you reach traffic lights, take left. There’ll be shoplots on the left. Go straight.
4) At traffic lights, turn right.
5) You’ll come to a T-junction, turn left there.
6) Travel down that road, quite a distance.
7) Shop is on your right so you’ll have to keep a lookout (at a curvy part of the road).
8) This shop is sandwiched between a house and another shop.(the whole area is called Kampung Jawa)

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