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The conclusion of MARCHiiii :)
06 April 2010 || 14:49

This is my blog. I can bore you if I want to. I also can bore you with lotassss-not-so-fresh-prolong pictures and words. Please give me time. It's hard to blog with a dead network connection in my living area! *Is it a paltry excuse?! Hm, who knows :P

The story is ended and fairy tales is just begun.

[Flashback. Flaskback...]

[Endevour to call all da memories...]

Be patient okay? Fairy tales always needs some time to progress one!

öö 7th March öö

I resigned from a sedentary job when it was the begin of the March. Thanks to my ex-company although I'm not so tolerate with something else. As my own personality, you will know I don't like to pander to somebody.

Stopped working and resume-to-study BACKKKKK Spm. Actually I'm bereft of study, especially baka-babi-BM-version- S P M!!!! But, for my future and my desire. I want to be a comer! Thus, I find my friend, Mr.KianWee be my consultant also companion off to Ikano to grab some reference book. HEHE. Bro, sorry to bother your day :)

Before started our mission, both of us were hunting and scouting around The Curve for a comestibles to fill our stomach up. Bubba Gump, Marche, Dome, The apartment, TGI's Friday, Ying Ker and BLA BLA BLAHHH! Damn it! Almost lost my direction! Finally, I chose Italiannies :)

I believe Italiannies need no further introduction to KL-ians. It's a restaurant well known for serving Italian food for generous portions. I love Italiannies because it has a homey ambiance, it's comfortable and relaxing! And also, inside there pervade a sense of romantic. Not dramatic.

Here's the menu with some mouthwatering food photos. * Slurrrrppppppp!

Olive oil.

As usual, a plate of complimentary home-made Focaccia and Tuscan bread will be served before you taking the order. Balsamic vinegar and olive oil are the best way for it. Mr.KW said it tasted weird with vinegar. HAHA, yeah, it's really ridiculous dip with vinegar for Asian when the first tasting.


You know why they serve with generous portions? Because their tag line is " SO GOOD! SO MUCH! SO SHARE! " with family and buddies.

The expression when a man meet bread in the first time- *H A P P Y :D

The cutlery is wrapped with napkin.

KW's Iced Cafe Mocha (RM7.90). This " 3 in 1 Nescafe " quite disappointed us. BOOOOOOOOM! Anyhow, it didn't distracted us for the other.

Although it was a seems-like-mamak-tehice-takmauice, KW never abandoned it.

My "duenna" Sinatra(RM19.90). A breathtaking vodka base cocktail with a touch of midori melon and apple juice. Cocktail + juice = F A N T A S T I C! ♥ ♥ It pampered me much much. KW, you should try this next time! If mocha, let's go Starbucks!!! XD

It was such a pretty lady :)

"Featureless" Pepperoni Pizza (RM30.90). It had beef pepperoni, mozarella cheese and shaved onions on the top! I love the cheeseeeeeeee. But, didn't made us shout crazily at last.

The champian goes to... JENG JENG JENG! Classic Carbonara (RM20.90, the price set as a person not share). Fettuccine pasta tossed in parseman cream sauce with smoked beef bacon and btton mushrooms. It seems like PAN MEE at the first sight for both of us. But, fettuccine is literally "little ribbons" in Italian, also a type of pasta popular in Rome. It is a flat thick noodle made of egg and flour wider than but similar to what's called tagliatelle elsewhere in Italy. Fettuce is a wider version of fettuccine whilst fettucelle is thinner.

As Facebook freak as usual, took some pictures for upload and get to make people salivating then. KW was showing his skills to take yummy yummy food pictures. HAHA. Yeah, I do remember it is also my occupation disease!

We had had so much to eat and I absolutely bloateded! The important thing was we didn't finish up the dish. I flabbergasted when I heard that KW surrdenered and waving white flag when carbonara still left a little also the pizza still had a lot there! He might be kidding me! In the end, the glutton me finished up the carbonara and we TABAO-ed the pizza home. Afterthat, we headed to Ikano for our major mission. Ahem, actually was my major things. *Blush ( *.* )

I spotted my cutie in the street market at The Curve. Sorry cutie, mama can't bring you home. Mama broke now!

KW started busy-ing to look the reference books. And also, I figured out that it's Popular not my Borden when the second time I stepped into it. Gawd, so shameful man! Then, where's my Borden?

Suddenly, KW phone rang. His friends were waiting him at somewhere. We done a quick and hasten to take a cab to One Utama. I didn't shop at there because my purse had a huge hole. No windows shooping too. I was going to mad when my hands itchy. Luckily my legs no action. Boys went for a movie meanwhile I was meandering through the shopping centre and in the end went to watch boling. OMG! BOLING! Miss it so much. *SOB SOB

Before they walked into cinema, they found something to coolen their throat. Fruitland, a place which is cheating people money. Hot inside there. Measure customers to order more?!

A great sunday spent with my friends and friends!

öö 18th March öö

An impulsive feelings made me without thinking to take a one day trip at Putrajaya. Felt regreted after the end of the day. You know why?! Due to my negligence to smear sunblock over the skins and went out then. Sekarang saya macam MANG KHA LAI now! Became more darkest and darkest. I have no dare to step out from house nowadays. Call me Negro please! (T.T)
The sun was super burning on that day. Damn sultry! I was sweating and sudah jadi BAKAR! WHY WHY WHY SHE SO STUPIAKKKKKKKK! BECAUSE OF HOT AIR BALLOON FIESTA LORRRRRRR! Memang stupiakkkkk :((( Phew, the sky didn't filled with hot air balloon on that day, also because THE-WEATHER-IS-NO-SO-GOOD! Here's the picture to tell you the so-so day.

It was 18th birthday. I spent alone, wished the wish lonely.
Fake smile, real cake.

öö 19th March öö
The second day, received a call from ERIC, "Hello, let's go to lunch." Oh my godness, how come this time asked me to step out from the house. I told and begging him don't asked me. But, in the rest, I still dressed up and hang out! SHIT man! Please ignore if you spotted a ghost in the below. =.=

It's been an ages I didn't dine at Old Town. Luckily today made it! :)

My friend felt so stressful because had a test on the wonderful second day!


I'm not drunk okay?!!



öö 28th March öö
My relatives accompanied me down to Klang for a breakfast on the weekends. So lovely!
As I heard, many gourmand bloggers said that one under the Klang bridge one, that one near the Klang KTM station one, RESTAURENT MAKANAN SENG HUAT's BAH KUT TEH taste good. Also thumbs up too. But for me, living at klang person, thought it merely so-so. It disappointed me and my family too!

Although it was always crowded there, sometimes seeing people stand beside and waited. I think most of them didn't savoured any others BAH KUT TEH from here. Crowd is a fake!!! [BOO-ing.]

It already passed 30 minutes, our food still hadn't served. The SHI TAU PO was sucks at all! When my mummy asked her where is the food and she shouted, "We follow the order one! Don't ask me okay?" Don't ask you, hey! You're the person in charge there! Then who should we gonna ask for! She was such a whore!!!

My brother stoned all the moment. We all almost famished! In the end, we were chit-chatting to hynpotize WE ARE NOT SO HUNGRYYYYY!

Hey, why everybody laugh one? I just too concentrated on taking photos and didn't heard what were they talking about. LOL, share with me please...

The innocent one.

It was the wonderful last weekends in March, I spent with my relatives.

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