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2012 is not a hoax!
06 January 2010 || 16:51

The happening in 2012 is not have bats in the belfry. Now, it's closer and closer to human, a tendency to DEAD! Great. I should tempt to take some time and make it live better.

[18 December 2009]

A was working at outstation. Therefore leave 3 of us in Klang Valley and towards to hit 2012. A, please watched yourself at Penang there and we can't wait you coming back. At nightfall, the sky painted with tints of blue and orange. Working time was end! Hurray!

Typically, we had our dinner at the SAYANG RESTAURANT which just located downstairs our own office. Guess we order what? Yeah, almost same dish. Dua ROTI CANAI & satu TEH TARIK atau HOLIC atau MOLI AIS.

shoot shoot shoot! "Oh, please stop to stalk me!" sputtered. Hey bro, not you! I was stalking the ODM, though.

acting CUTE

get ready to glutton!

my turn

Gawn, I'm acting shit!

After finishing our ROTI CANAI dine, walked towards Sunway Pyramid. It was still early for us. So what we gonna do in the shopping mall?! CAMWHORING.

E & S

my personal model

M & S

bag show take 1

bag show take 2. Last time I used this picture as my msn picture, then someone misunderstood that's a part of my house. I felt myself blushing. LOL, such a glitter way! My house not that 6 stars hotel okay?!

bag show take 3

my personal model, again.

again and again.

Sauntered in the mall awhile. Someone was nagging his legs were pain. So off to OLD TOWN spend our gossip time. I confessed three of us were totally languid after working. Our shopping mood was not ON too.


the old time

do you ever reminisce the moment we spend we laugh

Suddenly, something shocked me. I was blank. Omg, E and S were going to order some snack to eat. Hey, isn't it sounds insane? I felt absolutely bloated after finished two pieces of ROTI CANAI. They blithering gluttonous! I was barely gonna to vomit if continue eating. So, I ignored their request and continue playing with the camera. The people around there thought us were idiot!

the food was served
his habit. Addicted to sambil makan sambil telephone.

They were trying to make my mouth drooling with greed. Holy shit! That's impossible.


cute kitty. Men heart will melt and adopt her =)

C stand for cermat!

You see! The're finishing two plates of bread.

L stand for lascivious? HAHAHA

She was promoting the COTTONON. Um, the floral jacket inspired me much. But in the end, I didn't buy it because it's anywhere! Hey, I don't want bumped into someone same clothes with me, okay? It's such stupid idiot fuck'em embarrassing!

Break was over. The movie time was thereabouts. Hasten to ciname to catch up our 2012!! Ho, the conclusion of this movie was BOOOOOM! Too exaggerated but real. Walked out the cinema and camwhored abit.

in the cinema

Help them to promote CITY CHAIN.

She was excited when touching the model lips. Uh, soft huh?!

It's time to back home.

On the way going back to take the car. But still camwhored awhile. Faint.

The nest model


They're walking into black-hole.


In the 2012, the last month last day last hour last minute last second,
the person who beside me and hold me tight, it will be you?

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