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16 December 2009 || 13:03

HMMM... actually I'm not going to watch THE STORM WARRIORS. But at last not at least, WATERHUAN off MONDAY & TUESDAY then ask me whether want to go anywhere. Nothing popped out of my mind, recently I'm abit indolent hang out after my working. Maybe I'm not younger anymore. I confesssssss!

Gawd, the question harassed me on and on. Dine? I'm totally overspent in the first week of DECEMBER! It's ain't to save your money in this HAPPEN MONTH! Shopping? The banker told me, "Sorry MISS, you're not allow to splurge in this two months." Crazy-camwhoring? ERRRRRRR. Where is my kaki?! You all dump me be lonely.

Suddenly, the msn sounded.

"How about we make it a movie day?"
"okay. I want watch FENGYUN" he responded anon.

Wookay, I also don't want to stone at home. It makes me feel irritating.

After finished working, WATER came to my working place to pick me up then straight headed to OneU. City was jamed always! When arrived there, we didn't have much time to saunter around and dinner TOOOOO!!

I spent my dinner at "老油鬼鬼" if I don't make mistake to spell the name. It's simple and plain! Taste not bad too. I knew it when I met it at THE GARDENS. But I didn't visited it before, due to my working.

congee & 油条


The plot was abit bored to me. I'm not a comic book fans and I don't know what is FENGYUN. I can say I'm abominating COMIC BOOK! I don't what the hell story gonna tell me! COMIC BOOK makes me feel I'M VIP!!!!!
VIP= Very Idiot Person.

WATERHUAN, don't worried. I'm not going to blame you :))))))

YES, another normal flies. I still me.

I forbid YOU to step into my life.
I let YOU cuddle me up.

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