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Last but not THE ONLY
31 December 2009 || 13:44

Calendar pages keep turning, I'll mark off each day with a cross. JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER! Time flutters. Today is the last page in the calender. I wonder the time almost forget me, ain't forgive. Hey, I'm aleady been ready! COME COME BABE :)
Ho! I never feel joyous in this world like this before. It doean't jar my nervous. Nothing to let me linger about and I also won't do that so. Even the things come wrong, but someone will gonna leave right. So I just accept it and wish. That's why our life always be fathomless?! Hence, human born to hanker after wealth, success even love too.
2009 is a gargantuan fluctuation for me. And I'm totally feeling fatigued. The ensemble of this year, I always entangle myself in CHOOSEING. I can believe every step I walk for and never regret. REGRET is too late.
1.Make a choice to stop schooling. Suspend. This news I didn't herald anyone around me, even though LEONA too. It's hardly to tell someone when you make the selfish choose.
2.My second granny passed away. Miss those days she brought me to eat WAN TAN MEE.
1. Started to play until midnight at outside since I joined a bunch of new friends. The record was 6am only back home and my stepfather miffed.
2. Off to Seremben late night just help someone to celebrate birthday. Five cars was making noise along the highway.
3 A guy flirted me. Intimate and others misunderstood we're couple. Lately, I rejected to hear his phone and no reply his message. Now, I hope he still in pink.
1. 12am arrived at GENTING just YAM CHA and back home.
2. First time had people barking rude words to me in telephone when I'm working. Darn it!
3. Bumped into JIALE WEIKEAT and others in ktm. Then five of us take ktm off to MIDVALLEY.
4. Back to secondary school to attend a party.
1. Booze non stop.
2. First time(actually is second time =.=) step into club. MOVE MOVE SHAKE SHAKE! DRINK DRANK DRUNK.
3. Working in a FAIR at KLCC. My legs are pain!
1. Reveice CHICPOP'S invitation, but due to my working day didn't attend.
2. Followed company went to PULAU CAREY! Bullshit! That day the weather was suckkkssss! Not fun there.
1. Company had a promotion fair at VITACARE@ The Gardens. But girls went to shop shop.

1. Took leave and tagged cousin went to Bangsar.

1. Off to MIDVALLEY to meet my BABE LEONA.

1. Brought my sister to BOSTON to celebrate her birthday.
2. Went Port Dickson with company and barbecue too!

1. Joined S2SK to Bukit Rimau. HMMM, something changed.
2. Office shifted to Sunway, only beside Pyramid :)

1. EMAS begun. Celebrated ERIC birthday at SS2 WONGKOK
2. EMAS first movie- 2012, without A.
3. Back to primary school.
4. Found out MY BESTIE ZHIJING in Facabook. Girl, I love you and I miss the old time :))))))

1. Finally, EMES watched movie together-Ninja Assasin. Boys shuddered, girls sober.
2. First time took monorail & train alone off to PV & KLCC :)
3. The Storm Warriors with WATERHUAN
4. Primacy School forgather
5. Took public transport to PV again. But with my sister.
6. Spent christmas eve with relatives at Sg.Long StationOne. Sorry Anthony & Eric, I don't know both of you have no plan.

Some of them I'll post soon.

♥ Bye 2009, enshrine the secret in my heart. XOXO ♥
Still single.
Feel sorry to someone because you're not the one always can cuddle me up :)