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KLCC & Pavilion
30 December 2009 || 14:25

[11 DECEMBER 2009]

It's time to release my tension!

WOOTZZZZ, made myself having a restful Sunday. Yeah, and there had only one way can make me exulted --SHOPPING SPREE. HEHE, shopping can replenish my energy much much :))))))

Guess which place that I went for? KLCC & PAVILION! How luxury huh?! I confessed I'm a super double devilish spoil child. Anyhow, I'm going there alone. ALONE!!!!! Can you imagine that a girl taking ktm monorail train and just only she, her, hers! As usual, took ktm [KLANG-KL SENTRAL] changed to train! Whops! That was my virgin taking train and can't wait for it [KL SENTRAL-KLCC].

this photo gonna thanks to ANGMOH AH MA.
A casual sauntered around the shops. Nothing much there and abit sad didn't bought anything. EMMMM, wanted to spend my brunch at CHILLI'S but FULLLLLLLL! Bullshit! I'm not that good to waste my time for waiting. So off to Pavilion. [FROM KLCC-KL SENTRAL]then gonna go to take monorail[KL SENTRAL-BUKIT BINTANG].
ISHHHH. The people were squashed together like sardines in the monorail. GERRRR! I loathe public transpot much! Darn it! *Scowl No fresh air, no own place, so insecurity. Especially public holidays or weekends, almost choked me!!




The irritating question suddenly popped out from my mind. "What I gonna eat later?" Can't enchewed it. ICHIBAN? PEPPER LUCH? TEPPANYAKI? YO SUSHI? NO! NO! NO! Madan Kwan's! Malaysia cuisine.
had my brunch there :)



Finished it more than one hour. The manager & staffs there kept gazing me. "Why this bitch eat alone huh?""Why she sits so long one?" Yup, when people dine lonely and others will curious about it and non-stop keep peeping you. But I already been habituted. Afterall, continue my mission. SHOPPING! Around 6 something only back from KL.

Dragoon myself into hypotize no more U & ME

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