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Bleeding Ninja
30 December 2009 || 08:50

[9 DEC 2009]

Time gone rapidly and I can't gallop through my work all at once. Is time to gain on the speed! In fact, all shopping malls started to decorate and waiting the christmas knock to their atmosphere. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK. The clock always alerted me is an occasion to renew my FB. HEHE, started to think when & where was our E M A S photoshooting.

To exclusion of all other shopping mall, PAVILION? THE CURVE? PYRAMID? ERRRRRR, hapless! Our choose only can made it happened in SUNWAY PYRAMID. You know why? We all fully occupied in working and others dating, can't free in same time. The most important was Anthony & Sunshine live near to Pyramid.

Borrowed the boss camera as usual. As convention, I tried to palm THE BOSS off with some excuse about hang out with my friends. Because E M A S can't hang out together above board and THE BOSS might miffed. Our action only can be nocturnal and noiseless under observation by the BOSS. After working, ERIC from Kepong rushed back to Sunway, SUNSHINE & ANTHONY stay abit late in office and I pretended hasten off to Pyramid to meet my friends. The obtuse me really stupid, why gonna off to pyramid and return to office later? Should be find a place to hide right?! Speechlesss.

this tree is in the HOTEL

Did a little window shopping, actually was hunting somewhere to dine. Finnally we off to Asian Avenue's GASOLINE. My first time to be there, some people said was dark inside. For me, where had dark! SHIT! Before the food arrived, we prattled on about the office gossip. *Secret



Waiting the food to be serve. OMG! Four of us almost famished!

E,"what you order just now, hottie"

S,"AHEM! later only let you know."
Finally! Finally! Finally!
OMG! please ignore my scraggly hair!



started to pitch in
After finishing our dinner, straight headed to the cinema to watch NINJA ASSASIN.
on the way

inside cinema

Movie was to the end. The boys shuddered, girls sober. The screen was full of tomatoes sauce, the blood was pouring everywhere and you can't find out a where without it. By the way, I definitely thought I was attending a tomatoes smash party! Bored to me. Complaining finished. Our mission started. Camwhore fool and silly around.

hey bro, what are looking for? We didn't hide the present inside the tree LORRRR


her husband :)

warm the snowman

we're under NYC lamp

lonely city, lonely soul



E M A S again

christmas is around

E M A S never end.

childish way

with deer or dear?

three children


the santa claus seems like thief =.='''


self camwhoring with the ball

my turn
Is time going back home. We still want to work on the next day! What the hell!
E M A S, ongoing

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