Nothing remains forever.

Hey hey. Im not the person that you think.
-That's me

sorry for being stupid and not knowing what to say


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there is no such thing as a perfect soul

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Chap Moh Mei We Happy Together
07 February 2012 || 09:48

别人丢甘去拉. 我没到. 要丢也丢砖块/石头吧, 因为我要起大洋房! :D
炎热的中午, 无聊跑到去 meet 朋友 + 午餐.

大家都闷闷地, 所以跑去朋友家消遣消遣. Rami time! 我的至爱.

我要赢啦! HeHEhe :D


晚餐去刷刷蒦. 欢乐.

啊! 一天过去啦. 没什么特别, 只是夕阳无限好.


|| 09:16

拜年, 红包, 朋友. 蓝色主题.
其实也是 last minute 的计划.
因为我们都是大忙人! XD


Happens in January
27 January 2012 || 16:15

One day, suddenly received a msg from lee uni in fb.
after 2 years, i met them back.

Me, casual wear. Girlish dressing but boyish pattern. Haha.

Yesh, mmin turns more leng lui already. Jealous.

Chris & WeiHan.

Lenglui En Ning & Cool Vesper.


Chris. Damn tall lo.

Lee uni.

Hamsap JunDa. Haha, just kidding. Got muscle jor.

Another tall guy, tower Peng. Next time should snap a standing pose. :D

Sunshine smile.

Chor5 lunch with munkei.

Next Monday gonna back to work but I study none. Shit.
I need a bf who has engineering background as well. Then I can cope my things faster. *lol*
Haha. Maybe too long being single, wanna some sweet.

Anyhow, it's still cny. I wish can earn more extra money in gambling! Huaaaaaat arh! :P

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A-Lin 給我一個理由忘記
26 January 2012 || 14:11

我找不到理由忘記 大雨裡的別離
我找不到理由放棄 我等你的決心
有些愛 越想抽離卻越更清晰
而最痛的距離 是你不在身邊 卻在我的心裡